With a combination of robust population growth and high home prices, GTA is in great need of more housing. Meeting the huge demand for housing will require a variety of housing options to be built, including mid-rise developments. A report by consulting firm, Toronto's Embrace of Medium & High Density Housing, noted an increase first described in the 2011 Census.

With building approvals for flats and apartments up by 36% over the past year we are seeing a major shift towards higher density dwellings that has never been seen on such a widespread scale in GTA.

There are clear reasons behind the shift to more urban development. Land supply has tightened and fuel prices have been volatile but increasing. In addition, a growing number of people prefer urban living.

Typically mid-rise projects contains three to eight storeys and are built in neighborhoods with existing urban infrastructure, such as transportation, retail, and entertainment. Mid-rise projects offer unique benefits for urban neighborhoods, according to architect firm, AVA Studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Mid-rise Development Needed for Complete Communities

Fibo up-coming Mid-Rise project in Toronto
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