Shadow Study is a technical document that provides a visual
model and written description of the impact of shadows cast by a
proposed development on neighboring streets, parks and open space,
(including natural areas), privately managed publicly accessible
spaces and other properties. These studies are done to evaluate the
impact of shadows at various times of day, through the year.
                                                                 A Sun/Shadow Study may be required for the following                                                                                      applications for developments over 20 meters (6 storeys) in height:
                                                                  • Zoning By-law Amendments
                                                                  • Site Plan Control applications (Complex applications only)
                                                               Sun/shadow tests may also be requested for developments that are                                                               lower than 20 meters, in particular on rezoning applications where                                                                 additional height is applied for near shadow sensitive areas (such as parks, schoolyards, etc.). The requirement for, and scope of this work,
should be discussed with the Fibo Planner and Urban Designer in
consultation meetings.
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