Buying a Modern Solid House

Whoever builds today builds for the future. Modern homes not only impress with their design and living comfort, but also with their value stability and energy efficiency. How do you plan a house that is safe for the future? We explain what to look for.

Building modern house What exactly does a modern house look like? The question is not always easy to answer because the term is not well defined. For most builders, a modern home has a pleasing design and uses modern technology. The inhabitant himself should stand in the center of the building philosophy. Comfort and living feeling are particularly important. Gladly you renounce unnecessary details and rely on simple elegance. Modern houses are future-proof and timelessly beautiful.

Properties of modern houses: - Large living space - Modern architecture - High comfort - Energy efficiency - High price level

Floor plan and design In recent years, simple forms and a restrained appearance prevailed in the design of residential buildings. Open spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows have become standard. However, those who like a lot of glass should also remember to protect their privacy. Automatic blinds provide a remedy. To ensure energy efficiency, multi-chamber heat protection windows are also recommended.

A popular trend is the integration of different rooms in a central housing unit. Often you will find kitchen, living and dining room in a common room on the ground floor. The private bedrooms are mostly located upstairs. Rectangular plans are particularly popular, but modern solid houses are built in all forms. In addition, you can choose different types of houses.

Building a massive house If you do not want to compromise on the quality of your home, you should opt for solid construction. In a solid house, high-quality building materials are used and it is traditionally built stone on stone. This results in advantages in terms of longevity and energy efficiency of the house. Solid houses are more expensive than houses in other constructions, but retain their value over many years.

Also in the financing of the house offer solid houses advantages. Energy-efficient houses are subsidized by the state and can be financed at very low interest rates. Solid houses have a very good thermal insulation and can be planned as a low-energy house without major investment. So you stay independent of the prices on the energy market and secures subsidies. The masonry stores heat, which minimizes heat losses in winter and keeps the interior cool in summer.

Properties of massive houses: - Good thermal insulation - High value stability - Funding opportunities - Good air quality - Very durable

Prices for modern solid houses Modern solid houses are offered in many different types of houses and price ranges. In addition to the living space and the appearance of the house, especially determines the equipment on the price. When comparing vendors, you should know exactly what services are included in the price. In particular, one should pay attention to insurance packages and construction time guarantees. To save money, you should adapt the house as well as possible to the individual requirements and do without unnecessary extras. Garage or garden can be built later if necessary.

Construction costs and additional costs In the financial planning of a house should not forget the house construction costs and additional costs. Some costs are incurred in each house construction, other costs depend on the individual planning. In modern homes, especially the large living space and modern heating methods are significant. Garden and outdoor area, a garage, or a solar system on the roof are further examples of additional costs. The total costs are highly dependent on the individual planning and are composed as follows:

- Cost of the house: The house itself accounts for the largest part of the total costs. To choose the right living space, it is recommended to visit model houses and compare. As already mentioned, you should check exactly what services are included in the house price.

- Land costs: Every house needs a suitable plot. The size of the plot and thus the price depend on the layout and floor area of ​​the planned house. If you value a garden, you need additional space.

- Construction costs and additional costs: The costs of building the house are often underestimated. Not only during the construction of the house, but also before and after the construction project, additional costs are incurred. The purchase of real estate also generates administrative costs.

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