Garage Building - Prefabricated garage or build yourself?

As a client, you want to offer a roof over your head not only to the family but also to the vehicle. Pollen, bird droppings and thick layers of ice are not particularly attractive. Whether the vehicle protection is built during the construction or only after that does not matter. It is important to find out about benefits and costs.

Cost of a garage

The costs vary depending on the material and type of garage. It is difficult to give a flat price, because a garage can be individually equipped and manufactured in different construction methods. The indicated prices refer to the standard dimensions of 3 x 6 x 2.50 meters. As a comparison, one should also consider the prices for carports, which often offer a cheap alternative to the garage.

Carports are the easiest way to protect the car from wind and weather, but of course you have to do without the additional storage space and the better protection of a garage. Prefabricated garages are very popular and moderate in price. They are cost-effective and quickly placed next to the house and require little drying time. A garage in solid construction costs more, while the drying time also takes longer. However, a solidly built garage is extremely stable and lasts many years. In addition to the construction, planning, electrics, walls, walls and many other factors affect the costs:

Costs of garage building: - Method of construction - Building permit - Planning costs - Static calculations - Excavation of the foundation - Ceiling works and walls - Cleaning and painting work - Roofing - Gate, doors and windows - Electrical installations - Water connections

Building your garage When building a garage caution is required. Not every client should do the work on their own. Few have enough expertise to build a garage themselves. Building the foundation in-house is possible, but should be planned carefully. The measurement and straightening of the soil must be exact. Errors can be difficult to remedy in hindsight and be responsible for ensuring that the garage does not have the right slope for the property.

All work steps require high-quality materials and the right tool. Both of these could drive up costs if you do not have tools in your home anyway, or if you can borrow them cheaply. It should be weighed whether you have the necessary skills as a builder. Otherwise one should rely on a specialized company for safety's sake.

Brick garage or prefabricated garage? In the construction, the ghosts are different. The total cost and construction time are extremely dependent on the type. For this reason, the advantages and disadvantages of the two types should be analyzed in detail. It is important to set priorities and realistically assess what you can afford.

Building brick garage Brick garages are built stone on stone. For this reason, drying times must be included in the construction. The brick garage can be flexibly adapted to the house and is extremely weather-resistant due to its solid construction. A great advantage is that the risk of mold growth is lower than in a prefabricated garage. Overall, the brick garage is longer lasting, as it is built like a house in massive construction. The insulation protects against cold and heat, whereby many things can be stored in the garage, which find no place in the house.

Advantages Disadvantage

- Good thermal insulation. - Longer construction phase due to drying times. - longevity. - More expensive than prefabricated garage. - Protection against mold.

- Protection against weather. - individuality.

Build prefabricated garage Prefabricated garages are made of either steel or concrete. They consist of individual parts which must be assembled on site exclusively, whereby they are finished within one day. Concrete garages are a better choice if you want to build a terrace or a balcony on top of it. Steel garages need a thinner floor slab because they are lighter. This can reduce costs even more. The thinner walls also allow slightly more usable space.

Advantages Disadvantage

- Cheaper than brick garage - Less durable - Quick set up - Bad ventilation - Concrete garages are landslide - Risk of mold - Steel garages can be rebuilt quickly - Less individually build-able

- Road must be suitable for delivery

- Concrete tarps are prone to cracks

Planning permission for a garage

  • Survey or site plan showing property lines, lot area, right-of-way or easements (referenced to a current survey).

  • Location of existing/proposed buildings with overall dimensions and include setback dimensions to property lines and adjacent buildings.

  • Summary of permitted and proposed zoning provisions to include lot area, building area (GFA), coverage, and grade elevations to confirm height.

  • Indicate dimensions of the parking areas, driveways, hard & soft landscape treatments, accessory structures (sheds, decks, detached garages, etc).

Garage or Accessory Structure to be shown on Site Plan, showing:

  • Location of all existing and proposed buildings on the lot, setbacks to property lines, distance between proposed structure and other buildings on the lot.

  • Dimensions and locations of all required vehicle parking spaces and the driveway used to access the spaces(s).

  • Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Construction Details of the structure, including the details of the concrete floor slab, such as the concrete strength and re-enforcement proposed.

Construction Details and Notes
  • Building materials & specifications of all wall, floor, and roof assemblies with typical wall section and typical roof detail.

  • Provide guard details including connection detail.

Conclusion - Build garage A garage is worth especially if you want to protect your vehicle from all external influences and save on the insurance. Whether it is a garage in solid construction or a prefabricated garage, is at the discretion of the builders. Own contribution should only be executed by experienced builders.

- Fibo Development

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