3 key points in the biggest investment of your life: your house

The purchase of a house means, for more than 90% of Canadian, the biggest investment of their life. It is an important decision, since for the majority it will be the house in which they will spend the rest of their lives. It is quite common to hear things like: - «If I buy my house again, I wouldn't make the same mistake again» - details that one realizes too late.

To build your own house it is very necessary to rely on a team of experts and be advised by specialists. There are many aspects to consider when you consider building your home, three are key:

1. Design

A good design is one that, in addition to the purely architectural aspect (the delineation of plans more or less adjusted to the tastes of the client), takes into account many other factors. We should have clear from the beginning the budget that is used to build the house; this way, the client's ideas can be adjusted to a design that meets their expectations. The most common is that you have a more or less clear idea in the head of the design that you would like for your home. Always starting with the client's ideas, you should try to make the most of the architect's experience to introduce the necessary adjustments and modifications to achieve the most efficient design possible.

The project must be adjusted, first, to the land where it is intended to build, adapting the design to the atmospheric conditions of the area and determining the most appropriate orientation.

2. Land

It is essential to be advised by experts when choosing the land where the house will be located. In the first place, it is necessary to know the regulations related to the plot, consulting data such as the build-ability, the minimum and maximum distances to be met defined in the regulations of the town hall, or possible restrictions derived from the specific legislation. On the other hand, it is interesting to know the state of the subsoil, since the bearing capacity of the land will directly affect the foundations of the house. The worse the land, the higher the cost of the foundation, which implies an increase in the budget of the house.

It is very important to know what services the plot is equipped with: electricity, water, sewer, gas, telephone, or if it is urbanized. Having these services at the foot of the plot makes the construction process of the house much easier and lowers the budget. Finally, we must take into account the intrinsic characteristics of the plot, such as orientation and sunlight, or the slope of the plot. All this must be taken into account to adapt the project to the conditions of the land.

3. Materials

Knowledge of the materials and their behavior is basic when preparing the design of the project. Knowing how they behave is fundamental to be able to use them in the most effective way. At this point it is very important the collaboration between architect, technical architect and interior designer, composing globally a building that has an appropriate behavior and that, of course, fits the tastes of the client.

In the same way, it is necessary, and more and more, to have a wide knowledge about the facilities of the house. We are heading towards the construction of almost zero consumer housing, the so-called nZEB. The European Union proposes that all the buildings that are constructed from the year 2020 be of almost zero consumption. This means providing the buildings with very important quality standards that significantly reduce the consumption of the house and the emission of CO2.

From a well-defined project and with an exhaustive control of the execution of the work, it is possible to comply with the established construction deadlines, which prevents increases in the works from being produced. Therefore, it is highly recommended that behind the construction company there is a good technical office to ensure these interests as it will directly affect the final budget of the work.

As we see, knowledge is basic to build a comfortable house, adjusted to the tastes of those who will live in it and also comply with energy efficiency standards that allow saving on the consumption of housing. For all this it is essential to put yourself in the hands of experts who take you by the hand throughout the process.

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